b3 home designs.
bold. beautiful. brilliant.
kinda like me

I own a home.
and a a digi cam,
and lots of junk
yes, in my trunk too
I spend too much time
on the web
in my yard
in my garage
in never used corners of my home

Getting crafty
All for you to check out

I work a real job
That’s not a knock on stay at home crafters
That’s an attempt to set expectations

I’ll link you to lots of great stuff
hip you on how to get your vintage
thrifty game on
show you lots of photos of ultimate fails
and, sometimes
inspire you to do more.

if you like what you see, please please please
get down
and get your craft on
and drop me a note so that I can waste more time
ogling fun projects on the internets.
I love to spread the love.
I do what I do for you to do it too.

Get crafty
be thankful for those who have gone before
and come back often.

Now go waste lots of time on my blog
researching all those projects you think you’ll never have time to do.

Email b3 Home Designs. We love to hear from you!


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