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September 19, 2010

In the forest | a Wood Collection

As you know, I’m a girl who collects things.

In my super neutral/natural home, glass, wood, shell, stone and silver steal the day.
And anything naturalish.
I love wood.
There’s no doubt about that.

I know.
When I get back in with a camera,
I’ll do a photo shoot that does justice
to just how much wood we REALLY
have about this place.
As always, all photos (c) b3 home designs
September 14, 2010

Best estate sale ever

Usually, when I think of estate sales
I think sadness
Some one passing
who has collected their whole lives
and there is no one left
who would love on what they have
for free
Enter estate sales
and the vultures
(like me)
who will pay no where near
what the person valued their treasures at
just so that it can be taken away
to another loving home
to start a collection anew
When I came across a Craigslist ad
that was a tiny bit false advertising
because they said everything was 90% off
and the title was like “Free Stuff, come get it”
I got over the tiny bit of dissapointment
as I took some time to scan through
the stuff
Inside the house, only a couple of gets.
But outside in the yard…
THAT was where the action was at.
Check out my great gets
from the great
“Moving to Florida, Young Folks Estate Sale”
in Issaquah this past July.
African Ceremonies Cloth Bound dual set
great estate sale 2010
$15 for the set
This was the best find of my life. 
And I almost left it behind
Thank goodness for that false advertising ad
on Craigslist
so that I could email them and beg them to hold them for me.
That dual set is awesome. 
Beyond awesome
Best bookset I ever bought
They are a coffee table set
of VIVID photographs
of African Ceremonies.
Just GORGEOUS photography.
We haggled for a good hour on those.
She wanted $30.
I wanted to give her $30
(aka, my lunch money for the week)
on my pile
Which was a lot.
She finally agreed to do it all
for $35
I left her $7 and went to get my cash
Came back
loaded up the car
and took everything
EXCEPT for the books.
Got all the way home that night
Unpacked everything
(thank GOODNESS since I usually
leave it all in the car
for weeks on end)
Truly broke into tears
when I didn’t see the books
Went online, searched for the sale
sent them a message
Loved the fact that in the PNW
everyone is friendly enough
to tell you their name
especially if you spend 2 hours
in their front yard
and put out a personal plea for the books
Thought she had a change of heart and pulled them back
Come to find out I was just forgetful
(what else is new)
and left them by the door
AND they got back to me super quick.
I can only hope to be that organized
(and still connected to the internet)
day before the next time I make a move.
Wire basket | great estate 2010 sale
.50 cents

Wood ladder | great estate 2010 sale
free (!)

Dritz Pattern Perforator | great estate 2010 sale
.50 cents

Task Shortening Super sized Tin
great estate 2010 sale | $5.00

Sears Vintage Orange Ten Key
great estate 2010 sale
free (!)

Grumbacher Pantograph
(used to trace/enlarge original prints)
great estate 2010 sale | $1.00

Hacks Lemon Drops and Barnum’s Animal Crackers
Vintage tins
great estate 2010 sale | $3.00 for set

Embossed Enamel serving tray
great estate 2010 sale | $2.00

Wood finial
great estate 2010 sale | .50 cents

Large wooden (decorative) ice tongs
great estate 2010 sale | .50 cents

Set of two wire baskets
great estate 2010 sale | $1.00 for set

Large pizza boards
great estate 2010 sale | $2.00 for the set

Flinch card game
great estate 2010 sale
free (!)
As always, all photos (c) b3 home designs.

Nothing but awesome vintageness.

Lots more that I got from this sale
that isn’t pictured here
including fantastic shutters
the BEST little yellow waste bin
for my scrap room redo
some glass goods
some linen goods
and various other odds and ends
It was a two loader
(well, three if you count having to go back for the books)
Awesomeness and I wish my mom was here
in Seattle
so that she could go thrifting with me
She has a GREAT eye for this stuff
Now that we’re all gainfully employed again
maybe we can get that world domination plan
back on track.
August 13, 2010

Subway Art Gone Wild

So when I say subway art, I don’t mean graffiti.
I mean that I’ve been on the Internets and seen lots of awesome font/subway sign inspired pieces.

When we moved into this place
I instantly fell in love with the art cut outs in our entryway
Photo (C) B3 Home Designs
That was, of course, before I realized just how expensive
not one, but TWO gigantor pieces of art would be.
Never fear
Being the cheap-o that I am
From the start, I knew I was going to “create something” for those spaces
I love Planet Janet Art and actually have done open studio with her
I knew I could never afford one of her pieces for the space
(though I have a scheme to get some of her smaller pieces for the space in between
But I love her open spirit of open studio inspiration
So I started thinking I would use the encaustic/collage technique to liven this space up
Thought half a second about how intoxicating/annoying beeswax would start to smell
in large quantities, on my wall, like that, for a long time to come
researched how much encaustics cost
(WOW!! Holy for the love of sanity!)
Realized we needed to go to plan B
In the meantime, Mr. Handy looked up stretching canvas online.
Because, really, even with my super Mike’s coupons,
they just didn’t have a big enough canvas.
Never fear.  That coupon went to good use on a pair of stretcher pliers.
Why yes.  Yes we did.  We built our own canvases.
One of the best tutorials is here by Ray Schloss.
Building the canvas frame was his realm.
We went to Land of Crappy Non-Straight Wood
(aka, Home Depot, Issaquah)
and bought a yitload of 2x2s and a couple 2x4s
the latter of which was a PLEASURE to split with a circular saw
free hand
because we don’t have a table saw
Mr. Handy was super concerned about positve reinforcement
So these suckers are heavy
But not “I can’t pick those up heavy”
and really braced through the corners like you would not believe
That was the easy part.
Then I craweled around on all fours to actually, you know,
stretch the canvas.
I bought two 6×9 drop cloths
at the Land of Everything but Wood is Great to Buy Here
(aka, Home Depot, Issaquah)
And it took me, the non-math girl, about 17 minutes to convert 9 x 12 feet
to 108 x 144 inches
as I tried to figure out if I should buy one 9×12 or two 6×9 cloths
and I gave up trying to figure out
hence why I bought two 6×9 drop cloths
at $10 each.
vs 19.97 for the one and the extra work of having to try to cut a straight line.
The Expert DIY label is generally for the whole project
Any project that needs to be blogged in a billion parts is expert to me
but also, if you suck at math,
don’t play with power tools
and have no patience for power staplers and scratching up your hardwoods
Then the patience level alone will bump this to expert. 
And when you procrastinate with a little organizing project around this photo below:
Photo (c) b3 Home Designs
It really becomes expert.
Not the organizing project.
The art project.
You’ll see.
August 1, 2010

Seen on the Internets: Pottery Barn Abacus Hack

So no one actually lives in the PB catalog.
Because no one needs 6 fans in one room (energy efficient much??)
And no one really needs a giant abacus.
Especially if you have one of those computer things that does math for you.

We all know this is nothing about need.
This is all about want.
That abacus is AWESOME. 
Mostly because I am married to a finance geek.
But also because I live in a house with GIGANTIC spaces.
So all things oversized are awesome to me.

Best of all. This is a HACK that was already done by others.
Namely Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming did this awesome Pottery Barn Abacus hack. So I headed over and got my hack on.

This hack looks Hard. Which is why it is on my “to do” when I get you, know HOURS of time at once to not blog or something. For me, this will be a hard project because her instructions hint that someone like me will need patience. Repetive cuts and motions and all. And I don’t have a drill press, but I have rigged up a good enough fix to drill those holes. Over.  And over.  And over again.

But this isn’t advanced.  Basic tools and it is relatively inexpensive because scrap wood is good in my garage.

I’ll likely modify it some – love the vintage deep wood coloring, but I might add some color to this too.

I’m thinking dark and light beads.  What do you think? I’ve got my coupons all up and ready to go shopping.

Awesome huh?