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September 19, 2010

In the forest | a Wood Collection

As you know, I’m a girl who collects things.

In my super neutral/natural home, glass, wood, shell, stone and silver steal the day.
And anything naturalish.
I love wood.
There’s no doubt about that.

I know.
When I get back in with a camera,
I’ll do a photo shoot that does justice
to just how much wood we REALLY
have about this place.
As always, all photos (c) b3 home designs
September 14, 2010

Best estate sale ever

Usually, when I think of estate sales
I think sadness
Some one passing
who has collected their whole lives
and there is no one left
who would love on what they have
for free
Enter estate sales
and the vultures
(like me)
who will pay no where near
what the person valued their treasures at
just so that it can be taken away
to another loving home
to start a collection anew
When I came across a Craigslist ad
that was a tiny bit false advertising
because they said everything was 90% off
and the title was like “Free Stuff, come get it”
I got over the tiny bit of dissapointment
as I took some time to scan through
the stuff
Inside the house, only a couple of gets.
But outside in the yard…
THAT was where the action was at.
Check out my great gets
from the great
“Moving to Florida, Young Folks Estate Sale”
in Issaquah this past July.
African Ceremonies Cloth Bound dual set
great estate sale 2010
$15 for the set
This was the best find of my life. 
And I almost left it behind
Thank goodness for that false advertising ad
on Craigslist
so that I could email them and beg them to hold them for me.
That dual set is awesome. 
Beyond awesome
Best bookset I ever bought
They are a coffee table set
of VIVID photographs
of African Ceremonies.
Just GORGEOUS photography.
We haggled for a good hour on those.
She wanted $30.
I wanted to give her $30
(aka, my lunch money for the week)
on my pile
Which was a lot.
She finally agreed to do it all
for $35
I left her $7 and went to get my cash
Came back
loaded up the car
and took everything
EXCEPT for the books.
Got all the way home that night
Unpacked everything
(thank GOODNESS since I usually
leave it all in the car
for weeks on end)
Truly broke into tears
when I didn’t see the books
Went online, searched for the sale
sent them a message
Loved the fact that in the PNW
everyone is friendly enough
to tell you their name
especially if you spend 2 hours
in their front yard
and put out a personal plea for the books
Thought she had a change of heart and pulled them back
Come to find out I was just forgetful
(what else is new)
and left them by the door
AND they got back to me super quick.
I can only hope to be that organized
(and still connected to the internet)
day before the next time I make a move.
Wire basket | great estate 2010 sale
.50 cents

Wood ladder | great estate 2010 sale
free (!)

Dritz Pattern Perforator | great estate 2010 sale
.50 cents

Task Shortening Super sized Tin
great estate 2010 sale | $5.00

Sears Vintage Orange Ten Key
great estate 2010 sale
free (!)

Grumbacher Pantograph
(used to trace/enlarge original prints)
great estate 2010 sale | $1.00

Hacks Lemon Drops and Barnum’s Animal Crackers
Vintage tins
great estate 2010 sale | $3.00 for set

Embossed Enamel serving tray
great estate 2010 sale | $2.00

Wood finial
great estate 2010 sale | .50 cents

Large wooden (decorative) ice tongs
great estate 2010 sale | .50 cents

Set of two wire baskets
great estate 2010 sale | $1.00 for set

Large pizza boards
great estate 2010 sale | $2.00 for the set

Flinch card game
great estate 2010 sale
free (!)
As always, all photos (c) b3 home designs.

Nothing but awesome vintageness.

Lots more that I got from this sale
that isn’t pictured here
including fantastic shutters
the BEST little yellow waste bin
for my scrap room redo
some glass goods
some linen goods
and various other odds and ends
It was a two loader
(well, three if you count having to go back for the books)
Awesomeness and I wish my mom was here
in Seattle
so that she could go thrifting with me
She has a GREAT eye for this stuff
Now that we’re all gainfully employed again
maybe we can get that world domination plan
back on track.
August 20, 2010

i collect vol. 1 : vintage cameras

There isn’t much I won’t collect
some would say…
…I like to shop
But really
I like to hunt

Part of Vintage Camera Collection
Photo (c) b3 home designs
What is your favorite collection?
August 6, 2010

So You Want to Go Thrifting

Top 5 Thrift Stores on my Way Home from Work:
(in somewhat randomized, doesn’t make sense, order)

1. Value Village, Burien
2. Salvation Army, Burien
3. St. Vincent de Paul Society, Burien
4. Goodwill, Seattle (International District)
5. Goodwill, Bellevue

* Goodwill, Burien *

Nothing makes me happier.
Hitting up a thrift store.
Or two.
Or three.

Getting someone elses stash for cheap.
And helping out a good cause at the same time.

Check that.
The only other thing that makes me happy,
is getting things for free.

That’s another post for another time.

For now.

I pretty much stick to five stores when I go thrifting.
And I hit various locations of these stores
to find various goods.

If you’re visiting Seattle and need to get your thrifting on,
here are the stores you should hit up
with notes about what you can find
and a quick note about my fave find.

Value Village, Burien

Usually a great selection of linens (bedspreads, sheets, towels, napkins).
Lots of great candleholders and vases and a great selection of baskets. 
Prices have SKYROCKETED in the past 3 months.
And that is a jump from prices that were already high.
If you’re patient and you dig, you can find some great items.
Two of my fave places in this store:
When you walk in, go all the way to the right.
The “baggie wall” is awesome. 
Mostly because you can get little hits of thrifty goodness
for .99 or 1.99
The other place is straight back and towards the left
their “furniture” section.
It is pitiful by all things “furniture”
You can usually find an awesome shelf
or wood box
or little table
My favorite find at the Burien, Value Village:
was my baggie wall set of Sand Dollars for 1.99
Salvation Army, Burien

One of my FAVORITE thrift stores
of. all. times.
Lots of great, quality furniture
Plenty of really great, really big frames
Lots of awesome lamps
Always some milk glass
Always some shapely glass
A great GREAT aisle of baskets
wicker, wire and wood
Sometimes a good pillow or piece of linen
Always walk out with SOMETHING bought
Always a sale (everyday they sale price items that are 3 weeks old or older for 50% off)
If you are patient
THIS is your store

Rarely busy
You don’t have to dig
They don’t take AMEX

My favorite find at the Burien, Salvation Army:
was my set of clawfoot, oblong bedside tables
29.99 for both of them on a 50% off sale.

BONUS: Right next door/in the parking lot is Two French Hens Antiques.
Booth 301
is TO. DIE. FOR.
But that is also another post

St. Vincent de Paul Society, Burien

Also one of my faves
especially for unique or out of season finds.

Another true thrift store
with true thrift prices

Tons of crappy furniture with good bones
all the better for the DIY diva to get funky with

Color coded tags mean everyday is a sale
Usually 50% off of the color of the day
Shop on Sat/Sunday and get 75% off.
Unique sales include Christmas in July
All Christmas was brought out of storage
and sold for 75% off.

I always check the glass wall in the back
and find some sort of shapely glass for my collection.
Next to that, frames to have fun with.

You have to dig, dig dig and dig some more
through the aisles.
I usually look for white plates, milk glass and crafty finds
Almost always find something unique
They have a “punch per visit” card
Shop often.

My favorite find at St. Vincent de Paul Society, Burien:
Set of three Shapely vino italiano wine bottles (6.97)
10 16×20 wood stretching frames for canvas (5.00)
12 giant 12″ – 16″ silver gilded Christmas ornaments (2.40)

Goodwill, International District

You really REALLY cannot go wrong
at a Goodwill in the Seattle area.
This particular Goodwill, in So. Seattle,
is the deemed the motherland of Goodwill stores.
It is actually NOT my fave store.
It is HUGE. Very large linen selection.
Really REALLY great selection of
Lots of lamps
they have caught on to the fillable lamps
and priced them accordingly
But if you are looking for unique pieces
and are willing to dig
you can find great here
Furniture has never really been worth the drive
but the browsing has been.
My favorite find at the Goodwill, International District:
2 King sized pillow shams (1.99)
Goodwill, Bellevue

Absolutely, without a doubt,
one of my fave Thrift stores
if not THE favorite.
You have to be ready to FIGHT
for your stuff, for your space
This place is almost always packed
Really great selection of DIY Diva big furniture
I got our living room table there
Decent selection of linens that is hit or miss
You either really score or really don’t
Lately, lots of furniture out front (summertime and all)
Great magazine selection (Living, Cooking Light, etc)
all for .49 each
Lots of great books to use for decor
stacking, ripping up, framing prints
Lots of really great frames for cheap
But best of all
Tons and tons of great dishes, milk glass,
shapely glass, wood finds and unique stuff too.
My fave finds at Goodwill, Bellevue:
Living Room Table (9.99)
Fillable lamp (5.99)
Goodwill, Burien

Definitely one of my fave thrifts
Very thrifty prices
Another good selection of books and mags
Sometimes some decent furniture, but not a ton of it
Always a ton of great frames
many frames with awesome artwork in them
I started my line art | sketch collection here
And picked up most of my art from here
Also a good selection of wood pieces
milk glass and silver galore
some shapely glass
some unique finds
I get most of my paper | ephemera from here
Favorite find from Goodwill, Burien:
16 x 20 silver frames (2.99)
There you have it.
In another post, I’ll run down what I do,
how I do it
and why I do it
when I hit the thrifting circuit.
Coming soon:
$10 This Week
What $10 will get you at my fave thrift stores this week.

* Of course I wanted to “forget” this one
before you showed up and took all my good thrifty finds
but that wouldn’t be fair.
so here is the best of all “on the way” thrift stops *

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

August 2, 2010

Second Hand: Pottery Barn Eleanor Mirror

I love Spring, Summer and Autumn up here.
Primarily because this is when the neighborhood garage sales happen.
At the most recent NGS, my better half gifted me $40.
Gifted because I NEVER carry cash.
My first response was “$40?? This is not NEARLY enough”
To which he said “it HAS to be enough.”
Guess which one of us was right?
I did have to teach a little neighborly scouting etiquette.  Such as:
Don’t do the slow creep in front of someone’s cul de sac house, and then not stop
Probably because that is my biggest pet peeve.  You can see from the street if it is all clothes or all baby or all something else you really don’t need.  If you can’t see it is an “all nothing” sale, then you should stop and see what they DO have.
That’s my rule of thumb anyhow.
For a while now, I’ve been coveting an oval mirror.
Like the Eleanor from PB.
So when I rolled past a sale and saw a cute mirror sitting out front, I looked.
Then I looked at the clock.
And it was the end of the day.
And there was a little girl out front and no grown up in sight.
I MIGHT have made a fool out of myself.
Jumping out the car and making him go park.
Garage sneak peak – NGS Summer 2010 Sale Finds
(c) BLM for b3 Home Designs

$5.  Didn’t even have to haggle.
I love NGS.
Love. it.
Aside from Ms. Eleanor, I also got that wood tool box ($1), three cans of paint in my “house theme colors” (because, evidently, those colors are popular out here – free “just take them” she said), a bunch of flower pots (also from a free pile that Mr. Eagle Eye spotted). The black wire wall mount wine racks in the background were $2 a pop (out of my cash at that! he supposedly has great plans for those).
On the upper table are a set of 6 really great serving platters (good for heating under the broiler that we don’t have and serving straight to table – fajitas anyone??) and a stack of three iron stars (red, white and blue…of course) that I paid $1.75 for.
On the lower table, there are two great belts ($1 each), the most awesome vintage Girl Scout camera to add to my camera collection ($1) and another clock ($1) for my vintage clock collection. There is also a small wooden football game ($1) that is the start of a vintage wood game collection.  We’ll see how that one works out.
The two end tables are a story in themselves.  NOT from the garage sales this weekend but a true story in patience, faith and did I mention patience?
Happy garage sale season!
***Edited to Add the Link Love ***