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September 20, 2010


I am not entirely sure how much I am liking this WordPress thing. 

I am missing my widgets and doodads,
(and HATING the shift + enter so that I jump one line, not two)
but LOVING that a picture blog can have…


Moving here would allow me to make the self host jump a lot quicker
(which should, of course, be attempted once I have time in front of a computer).

So it’s your choice.

Which do you prefer?

I’ll leave the tally up
through October 1

Be sure to leave me a comment
as to why you prefer what you prefer
because who says we can’t have our cake
and eat it too?

Thanks for the input
back to the collectibles
and DIY hooplah


September 13, 2010

Freecycle Get of the Week

Don’t think I should be running out of paint
gloss, or finishes this year.
I love Freecycle. 
Free stuff
And lots of it.
My latest fave find
(aside from the table in the background)
was all this painterly goodness
All photos (c) b3 home designs

What have you found on someone’s porch or in their driveway
for free lately?
September 5, 2010

Why I hate blogger (with Picassa)

So.  Evidently.

If you edit your photos with Picassa
and then try to upload those pretties here
***Edited to add | evidently, it isn’t just Picassa.  Fantastic ***

Blogger greets you with a big old
“server rejection” note for all the lovely pictures
you try to upload.

A home decor blog with no pictures.
Well, you might as well read my regular blog

Because I got peeps in town
and no time to sit up for another 3 hours
editing photos in a real photo editor


Used to swear by blogger
and picassa

now hate them both.
And will follow the techier Mr. Handy’s advice
and move to self hosting sooner
rather than later

Which for me, also meant moving over to WordPress.
Nothing like a
“let’s sit down and knock out a quick post” moment
to get you off your butt and moving.

Love to you all.

I have a scheduled post or two still in the cue.
but with school starting
(I work for a school district,
no I’m not a teacher,
no I don’t have kids,
more on that at Colored White)
I won’t be getting to all the switcharooamagiging
anytime soon.


How could you.

Much love to you all
Please check in daily in the hopes
that my “significant traffic”
will make this a priority issue
for the blogger powers that be.

by the looks of the help answers
not. so. much.

If you’re worried, no, I don’t write like this
at Colored White.

If you like this,
then yes I do write like this at Colored White (smile).

If you would rather just check out a random day in my life
is more your pace.
Less talk, more visual.

And if you want to see how crafty I was
before the home decor
and before all hellfire and brimstone
spewed forth from the earth,
you can check me out at (note, there is no “home” there).
I was the original b3 in case you’re curious.

And yes, I really do have 4 blogs.
This past month was all about home
And so it will be going forward
Just a little reading material for the impatient
and curious.

Much love.
Thanks for hanging in there.