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September 17, 2010

Fall House Prep | Him

I am a fairly independent woman.

Who am I kidding.
I have a garage full of power tools
that I say thanks and no thanks to.
but this dude
he loves him some power
especially when it comes to fall house prep.
Scrubbing down the outters
and taming up the lawn
if it has a motor,
he’ll get it done.
Happy seasonal shift to you all!
power washing the deck
photo (c) b3 home designs

mowing/mulching down the lawn for reseeding
photo (c) b3 home designs
What “around the house” chores
do you enjoy delegating out to others?

September 16, 2010

Two Summers, One Fall: Growing Pains

When we first moved in here
a year ago
we moved into a place with
lush views
so long as you didn’t
gaze into our immediate back yard

and so long as you didn’t gaze
upon our side yard
and definitely, you should not look over
to the 8th hole
from our yard

But I actually have a pretty sizeable
green thumb
I stick it in the ground
and it usually grows
no matter how hard
I try to kill it

I’ll need to post another photo
of what that side garden
looks like in the fall
after the deer have nibbled on it some

live and learn

What I did learn is that most of my yard/garden
is a fall garden
as evidenced by the gorgeousness
in my yard right now
the above photo, is one of the rare species in my yard
that DID flower this summer

I love basil like no other
and was super happy to learn that
basil loves my kitchen window sill

Those peppers. 
they were bought about 19 bazillion years ago
on clearance
in the orgo section
I’ve cared for them lovingly
and that is probably why they have said
thanks, but no thanks.
That, or, a little bit of research
to understand that peppers
are long season plants
and this impatient gardener
needs to simmer down already
(FYI, i FINALLY saw baby peppers on the vines)

Here’s to fall harvest time
and planting and plotting for spring
which will be here just as quickly
as fall snuck up on us

Happy harvest season!

September 15, 2010

Instant Art Collection: Free use photos

I LOVE taking pictures
of everyday stuff
Feel free to download/copy + save
any of the photos in this post
Frame them up
(yes, I’m that full of myself)
and call it art.
Show me how you use it and I’ll do a follow up feature
Enjoy the seasons change!
Campus side Fall
Seattle University
photo by b.merikle

Two craggly guards
Palm Springs, CA
Photo by b. merikle

Stuck between a rock and a soft place
Mt. Rainier Wonderland Trail
photo by b. merikle

Desert Camouflage
New Mexico i10 Rest Stop
photo by b. merikle

In Rainier’s Shadow
Flight photo of Mt. Rainier w/Mt. St. Helen’s in background
photo by b. merikle

Tulips Awash
La Conner, WA Tulip Festival
photo by b. merikle

Sunshine Market Day
Pike Place Market, Seattle
photo by b.merikle

Lonely Sunset
Cannon Beach, OR
Photo by b.merikle

Going Down
Cannon Beach, OR
photo by b.merikle
If you need larger resolution, and are patient
send me an email
(via the contact page – in the upper left menu of the blog)
September 10, 2010

Thought of the Day

I knew I was home
when we set foot in this house
and one of the million and one
brochures left in my kitchen drawer
was this one
right on top
Life IS too short to clean your own house
Photo (c) b3 home designs
I really DO need to clean though
so that I can purge and give away more stuff.
September 7, 2010

Great Plans – A nooky closet

Honestly, the walk in closet in my scrap room

is more than enough space
for all the scrapping I do lately
So I am going to take this space

Largest Guest Bedroom walk in closet
Photo (c) b3 home designs
And use these shelves

that I got for 7 drops of blood, 4 tears, a gallon of sweat
and 19 splinters
(aka, free – only if I took them off the wall)
off of Craigslist

Craigslist Shelves

and use some leftover paint
from elsewhere in my home
to coordinate – not matchy matchy
but bring this wall onto the same color spectrum
as the rest of my home

Who DOES THIS to a perfectly good wall?
Scrap room energy suck wall
Photo (c) b3 home designs
With a ton of awesome vintage accessories

and storage
to bring back the artistic creative juices

Crafty space in a clean moment
wishing for some contact
Photo (c) b3 home designs
and finally have some material to update
this blog with.

Wish me luck.