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July 24, 2011

Bright Idea | DIY Expert: Super sized Runner (Found on the Internets)

I so need a long runner for my entry hallway.
By long, I think 21 feet should do it.
Considering most off the shelf runners come 7 ft long
And cost about $60 – $130 each.
I definitely needed to research a DIY option.

This woman is genius.  [blog post link]
She knocked off the above rug.
With a piece of canvas, some rug non-skid and some fabric.
Well…and some adhesive spray and a sewing machine.

Only because there are lots of parts and patience and a sewing machine involved is this expert.
If you’re handy with a sewing machine or don’t think hand stitching is eye gougingly slow…
then this is probably maybe just advanced for you (budget to buy all that other stuff)

But if you buy your fabric from here [link]
and you buy canvas at Jo’s with a coupon
and you find a rug stop skid somewhere…

This could totally hit the medium. 
Especially if you are NOT making a 21 foot runner.
Just saying.
That’s a LOT of straight stitching to make happen.

Anyhow, here are some of the awesome fabric patterns I’m considering:


And since most are about $6.50 a yard (or so), I can knock out a runner for probably about the price of one…ir not less than.

We’ll let you know.  Since this is still just a bright idea because, well, I have no sewing machine (yet)
And I want to use coupons to get supplies to make it as cheap as possible.
I know.

Awesome thought that counts.
Which fabric do you think I should go with?
I’ll choose one commenter as the winner of a gift certificate [fabric store GC? or Jo’s] for $50.
That’s a lot of fabric.
Get your comment on!

September 9, 2010

i used to collect | Milk Glass

if you hit the internets,

then you know that
in the world of “new vintage collectors”
(ie, all of us wannabe vintage collectors
that don’t have a CLUE)
milk glass is all the rage.

I get it.

It’s (generally) cute
just like my awesome lamp find

$3 milk glass deep lipped lamp
Photo (c) b3 home designs

it is really easy to find
it is a relatively inexpensive collection to start
but it quickly gets pretty pricey
and pretty hard
to sustain


maybe that is only “hard”
for those of us not willing
to spend  big
or go on the hunt for
our collections.

I admit it.

I bit the bug
and I went and bought me some milk glass
and because I don’t ever just buy 1 of anything
I bought a piece.
or two
or nine

Milk Glass Starter Collection
Photo (c) b3 home designs

not all at once.

it started with a set of three
from the North Bend Senior Thrift Store Sale
Then I picked up a few more pieces
And a piece here
And a piece there

Honestly though?
I’m not really a fan.

I used to collect Milk glass

and I will keep these pieces because I love them
for non milk glass reasons

Thinned out milk glass collection
Photo (c) b3 home designs

I’ll also keep the milk glass lamp.

I used to collect milk glass.
Now I don’t.

But perhaps you do?
Or you want to?
Or you just love winning stuff?

I’m giving away my milk glass collection in two batches.

One batch will be a follower.
If you scroll over to the right ——————->
and add yourself to the followers
then leave a comment on this post
telling me that you are a follower
you will be entered into the drawing for that batch.
The second batch is for anyone or their mama
and yes, mama’s LOVE these pieces

so call it early Christmas shopping
or even earlier mama’s day or Easter shopping
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post

If you are a follower, you can enter both giveaways

just leave separate comments

The giveaway will go on until I hit 50 followers.
I am at 25 last time I checked.

I will announce winners

during the first post after I hit 50 followers
You can check in daily and leave a comment
(on this post) to earn extra entries
for each set of milk glass.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

And if you REALLY want some milk glass

Send your friends here
have them sign up as followers
have them leave a comment that says
“I am now a follower thanks to [insert YOUR name here]”
I will enter the friend and I’ll add an extra entry for you.

just so that you don’t have to dump your bff
when she wins the milk glass you really wanted.

let the comments and following begin.

Coming Soon:
Make your own faux milk glass
August 26, 2010

Vase Filler Peace Signs (aka Just buy them already)

So it has been a while since I’ve had a project fail

What…2 hours or so?

It was only fitting that my most recent fail
would come on something as labor intensive as replicating these

Pottery Barn miniature glittered peace signs | Vase Filler
Photo (c) b3 home designs
Now to be fair
this wasn’t a complete fail
just a bit more of my perfectionist tendencies
tied to my lack of patience.
I gathered my supplies
Peace Sign Vase Filler Hack supplies
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And then I did what I do best
as you well know from this post
I still don’t have a cricuit
and yes, I’m still trying to win one
so be sure to link me up if you’re giving one away on your blog.

But I digress.
I went about cutting each of those tiny peace signs out by hand.

Handcutting mini peace signs. Still wish I had a cricuit. 
Or any kind of cutter that would do this for me
Even a punch would do right about now
Photo (c) b3 home designs

Then I glittered them up

Hand glittering mini peace sign vase filler
Photo (c) b3 home designs

And they turned out like this
Drying vase filler peace signs
Photo (c) b3 home designs
not wild about them.
loved the concept of having them in red
and not paying what I’m sure was like $20
for a tiny box of these 
okay (maybe 12.50)
Probably will go back and glitter a second layer
after I get over the bitter dissapointment
that it would be a very tiny vase at this rate
of creation
that I would be able to fill if I kept at it like this
Instead, I will likely do the large sized signs 
I saw hanging on their trees last year.
I can totally do that.
here’s the printout I used to cut the peace signs.
have at it

Printable peace sign template
have at it
Though the party will be over after this link for me,
be SURE to come back end of next week.
My next hack 
that I just have not had enough daylight to photograph yet:
 Photo from PB online catalog
Coolest project ever accomplished.
Anyhow, until then…

Linking up to the PB Party here
August 19, 2010

Hall of Flags

I have been looking for marine flags forever.
Well, for AFFORDABLE marine flags.
I even contemplated making them.
Especially when I came across this set on Pottery Barn:
Photo from Pottery Barn Catalog

I was going to look them up again and go to paint funky town.
But then I remember that I had a Pottery Barn GC.  OR two.
Well technically, a merchandize credit. And a gift certificate.

I typed in the balance checker for the first one.  $6.01
That wouldn’t work.
Fingers crossed for the Merch Credit card.

On clearance (with free shipping – free shipping is the ONLY thing that gets me to buy at
they were 19.99
For a set of 11
Which I will totally rip apart.
And frame individually
For that one long wall downstairs

Downstairs MIL – Flag Hall In Progress
Photo (c) b3home designs

Then I flipped to the next page. And I saw the oars.
flippity flippets.
Guess I’ll have to keep looking for those in the antique shops. 
Or get creative about where I’m looking
I mean my hubby is on the board of a wooden boat org.
Certainly they know where I can get some oars right?
Vintage ones at that.
They are the ones (with their poster print) that started the whole “wooden boat” theme anyhow.

All said.  These flags come to just a bit over $1 each. Before framing.
Way cheaper than what I could make them for when you factor in my pricey time.
Just saying.

Oh, and if I get half a moment,
I will totally make them into these cuties
from Land of Nod

Photo from Land of Nod website

LOVE the toggles
Love the more naturale string

We’ll see about this hack.
And I’ll also hack a sign like this

Photo from Spicher and Company website
Oh that downstairs level is really coming into shape.
Just in time for the Classic.
This is a DIY “Medium” because of cost 
($20 for flags, $10 for frames is getting up there)
*** Edit to Add Link Party Love ***
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