I am not entirely sure how much I am liking this WordPress thing. 

I am missing my widgets and doodads,
(and HATING the shift + enter so that I jump one line, not two)
but LOVING that a picture blog can have…


Moving here would allow me to make the self host jump a lot quicker
(which should, of course, be attempted once I have time in front of a computer).

So it’s your choice.

Which do you prefer?

I’ll leave the tally up
through October 1

Be sure to leave me a comment
as to why you prefer what you prefer
because who says we can’t have our cake
and eat it too?

Thanks for the input
back to the collectibles
and DIY hooplah



One Comment to “Conflicted”

  1. I am thinking of moving to WordPress too but it’s so different to Blogger. I do not have a basic Blogger template so I am used to changing the html. I signed up for WordPress and need to ‘play’ with it some more before I take the big step!

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